Le Châtelard


The 28 hectares of vines were mainly established before 1955 and are set in beautiful rolling Beaujolais countryside. We are few to possess a rocky chalk-clay soil for our whites, explaining their finesse. This setting, through our careful production, is expressed in the bouquet and flavour of our wines. Furthermore, we do believe in integrated farming and grass cover of our parcels to preserve the soils and the biodiversity.


Rebuilt during the 18th and the 19th centuries, the Chatelard is a «poype» (building situated on a hill and surrounded by ditches). Its arched caves are the onlyy vestiges of its 12th century origins, destroyed by a fire. 

At that period of time, the abbaye of Tournus monks (Macônnais region) were shaping our terroirs and defining the parcels.

Viticulture and winemaking

Respect for the soil’s biological activity, leaving under grass, optimum area of foliage to further photosynthesis, hand-picked harvest full maturity grapes, integrated struggle against vine’s parasites, are all of our best practices for producing incomparable grapes for Château du Chatelard wines. In the winemaking process, a very important place is reserved to the sensorial perception in order to understand and increase the potential of each vintage.

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