La Baronne

Château du Chatelard, first owned by the Tournus abbey (south burgundy), had its landscape shaped by monks as early as the 12th century. Completely destroyed by a fire leaving only the original vaulted cellars intact, it has been rebuilt and after that was kept by three families : the Severt, the de Buissières and the Mignot de Bussy.

Today, we would like to pay these families a tributes for their will to preserve and value this Beaujolais heartland by drawing on our labels the Baronne du Chatelard’s emblem – a sculptural element of the Château.

The lion’s head surrounded by grapes and flowers represents the strength of renewal through references to the vine’s life cycle and the symbolic meanings the lion stands for, namely as an icon for Lyon city.

A short range of wines selected for their uniqueness. 

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